• How to Import Nestaurant Menu from Google Drive

    In this article, I'll show you how to import menu from Google Drive to your Nestaurant app.
  • How to Delete Apple Provisioning Profiles

    There are 2 types of provisioning profiles when it comes to its management, those that are managed by Apple inside the Apple Developer Portal and those managed by XCode. How to delete a provisioning profile depends on what type that profile belongs to.

  • 4 ways to capture spams you may not know yet

    We all have forms of some sort on our website: comment form, contact form, registration form, etc. Forms are good because it allows user to interact with our site but at the same time they attract spams. A common way to prevent spams is to use captcha but the problem is none of us likes to type in those funny characters, especially you may get them wrong and have to retype, not to mention they don't make my pages look very pretty.

    While working on my blog, I experimented with a few different ways to prevent spams without using these ugly captchas. Below are the 4 methods that I use: ask a simple question, include a hidden field with CSS, validate request referer and check against Stop Forum Spam. Read more

  • How to run jboss 5 as a service on Linux

    After working with jboss for a while, I decided to set it as a service so that I could start and stop it easier and do not have to have a terminal window open every time I start jboss. This turns out to be easier that I thought. I know jboss is up to version 7 now but I find jboss 5 is sufficient for what I need to do so I still stick with it and that's what I use to demonstrate in this article. If you are still using jboss 5 and interested in setting it up as a service too, read on.

  • How to delete all photos on jailbroken iPad without iTunes

    After jailbreaking iPad, although music and videos are deleted, photos are not. This at first seems to be a good thing as it saves me time transferring the photos again. But after using if for a while, I find it a more problematic than handy. With the iPad being jailbroken, I now use 3rd party app to manage my photos instead of the built-in one and these apps require my photos to be in different locations, different album structures, etc. That means I need to delete those in the built-in app to preserve space. Unfortunately there is no easy way to remove them without going through the iTunes sync process which I don’t want because it's likely to mess up my jailbreak (I never have full confidence in it). Read full article